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Source: Chris Jenkins / Olympia D

As parents, our job is to arm our kids with the skills they need to lead a successful and productive life!  One major skill that all kids and even adults can benefit from is NETWORKING!  Soooo…where do people say most business deals are made?  The golf course!

Ashunta Epps, the Founder of A Perfect Swing Foundation, and her colleagues are not only teaching kids how to play golf, but they also help them to develop their communication and networking skills.  So this Saturday, May 17th (and every third Saturday) the Perfect Swing Foundation meets for “The Backswing of Business Golf Range and Networking Event” at the Northlake Golf Club at their practice facility – 4841 Lakeview Rd, Charlotte, NC.  It’s a free golf and networking workshop from 9am-11am for kids ages 6-18.  The golf clubs are provided free of charge and it’s not mandatory for parents to stay, but it is encouraged.

The kids are taught how to golf!  However, they also learn social and life skills, and how to apply them to their daily lives.  For instance, being able to focus on the ball….it just like focusing on a specific goal you want to acheive.  In golf, its getting the ball in the hole. In real life, for a child, it could be as simple as getting good grades. You have to be able to analyze and access a situation.  In the game of golf…how far does this ball need to travel, is the hole close or far off, is to the left or the right of me.  It teaches them to take their time and figure out what’s needed.Then, come up with a strategic plan to achieve the goal, committ to it and following through.  Sound like everything we do in our adult lives doesn’t it?  Also, the great thing about golf is that it’s an individual sport!  You don’t have to be athletic to play!  So, people who have asthma and artificial limbs can still enjoy the game.
Now, here is the part that I really like!  Ashunta is an engineer by trade.  So she has a group of fellow engineers and various other industry professionals on hand after a few swings on the course to talk to the kids about what they want to be when they grow up.  This helps them with their communication skills and gives them insight on what is required for a specific career. So it gives the kids an early start in thinking about their future and what they would like to achieve in their own lives.
But as always….everything is not for everybody!  So your kid may enjoy it, but, then again they may not!  The best part about this is that it’s absolutely free!  So parents you don’t have to worry about a major financial investment! For more information call 704-883-9844.  See ya at the golf course this Saturday!!