raising brilliance

No one is an expert on raising kids.  However, there is a definite divide between old school and new school parents.  So when it comes to letting kids voice their opinions are you in agreement, or is that too much like being their friend?

Everyone is talking about Will and Jada Pinkett Smith’s son, Jaden!  Recently, he was named as the new face for the Louis Vuitton’s women’s clothing line and has been making headlines ever since with his provocative pictures!  He has posed in everything from dresses and skirts to shirtless with flowers in his hair. Alot of […]

These kids are getting more advanced with every generation! Some of them know way more than I do at my ripe old age!  So, what is a good age to talk to your kids about sex?

Man, is summer over already?!?  It may as well be!  A lot of kids will be returning to school in a few more weeks and parents are beginning to feel the pressure! IT’S BACK TO SCHOOL TIME!!!  We have to get these kids ready for the new school year!!!  Pencils, paper, markers, binders, bookbags, new […]

Okay yall! A Georgia mother locked her son out of the house after he repeatedly stayed out past his curfew. As a result, he slept on the patio.  Was she wrong for her form of punishment? Did she deserve to got to jail for this? Let me know what you think!  #raisingbrilliance Read the full […]

As parents, our job is to arm our kids with the skills they need to lead a successful and productive life!  One major skill that all kids and even adults can benefit from is NETWORKING!  Soooo…where do people say most business deals are made?  The golf course! Ashunta Epps, the Founder of A Perfect Swing Foundation, and her colleagues are not […]

As a mom, I understood the anger and the motherly instinct of, Toya Graham, when she saw her 16 year old son on TV throwing rocks in the mist of the Baltimore riots.  We want to protect our kids, we want them to “do the right thing”, and we definitely don’t want them to end […]