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Floyd Mayweather beat Manny Pacquiao, and it wasn’t even close. It’s not worth arguing otherwise. What’s a better argument is what was worse: Jamie Foxx‘s National Anthem performance or  the fight?

Foxx is usually a solid singer, but he was very off before the fight of the century. The struggle wasn’t his fault, according to Foxx of course. A missing inner ear piece threw him off, and he was forced to improvise.

“That night […] my pack falls off just before I’m supposed to sing. So I have to try and listen to the organ through the speakers in the stadium and try to catch what it is,” Foxx said.

What’s even more surprising is how Foxx didn’t even know how bad he sounded. He was met with a standing ovation and claimed that it sounded much better live.

““We were walking around like, ‘Wow, we nailed that. Everything was great.’ I even saw Denzel Washington. He was like, ‘My n—-, that was amazing,’” Foxx said.

Well, if Washington says otherwise, maybe we’re wrong.

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