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Scandal-ridden Sony Pictures co-chairwoman Amy Pascal received  a serious dressing down from Reverend Al Sharpton surrounding her racially insensitive e-mail conversations with a producer. On Thursday, Pascal had a face-to-face with the good Rev. in Manhattan, where the two discussed creating ways to deal with the movie industry’s lack of diversity and racial bias against minorities. Last week Sony hackers known as “Guardians of Peace” leaked an e-mail chat between Pascal and mega movie producer Scott Rudin where the pair joked President Barack Obamas movie preferences were geared towards blacks and showcased black cast members. If their e-mails are any indication of how they feel about movie tastes, can you imagine their text messages over ole’ Amy’s meeting with Al?

AmyPRunsSony: Sheesh Scott, now look what you’ve done!  The civil rights guy wants to meet with me. Wonder if he’ll march here? You know they don’t like to sweat out their permed hair! What should I offer him to drink… Hennessy?

SProRudinMovies:   BURN!

SProRudinMovies: Make sure you offer him a tracksuit too, he’s all about those. Maybe you should tell him it’s trendy for Black people to wear their “natural” hair now.

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At a news conference Sharpton claimed, “The jury is still out with where we go with Amy,” after the two concluded their meeting. According to Sharpton, Sony will make a deal to develop a working group which will work in tandem with the National Urban League, The NAACAP, the Black Women’s Roundtable and his National Action Network to create ways to tackle racial discrimination in Hollywood.  During the meeting, Sharpton told the press he let it be known to Pascal these types of conversations just proved Tinsel Town was still stuck in the pre-civil rights error. According to Sharpton:

I said to her at that time that the climate and environment of Hollywood only confirms the type of language that was used in those emails. Being that Hollywood is an environment that still resembles 1950s America, it is a context that confirms the language.

Bet Amy and Scott now wished they used a carrier pigeon for their little chats..  Both Pascal and Rudin have since made formal apologizes regarding their e-mails.


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