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Liberia Races To Expand Ebola Treatment Facilities, As U.S. Troops Arrive

John Moore/Getty Images News

John Moore/Getty Images News

The extent to which some people distrust the government is not necessarily unwarranted, given the United States’ history of meddling both globally and domestically, often at the expense of mass amounts of people of color.  So naturally, whenever a major event occurs and dominates the attention of media, the conspiracy theories arise quickly and bubble beneath the mainstream media surface. The recent Ebola outbreak is no exception. Check out these four compelling conspiracy theories that have surfaced.

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1. Ebola was developed as a instrument of population control. Chris Brown said it, but we were all thinking it. The R&B singer stated via Twitter, “I don’t know… but I think Ebola is a form of population control. Sh*t is crazy though.” He quickly followed that tweet up with another, “let me shut my black a** up!” Of course, his tweets started a cyber-frenzy of conspiracy-related discussions and media headlines. Though the headlines about Chris Brown’s ballsy tweet are surely mocking him, almost 7,000 visitors to said they believe that what he said was true. The population control theory, of course, is as old as time, and we’ve seen it pop up with just about every major disease outbreak in recent history.

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2. The U.S. Government purposefully created Ebola and implemented it via the Red Cross. A post allegedly written by a man from Ghana named Nana Kwame claims that the Ebola virus is not actually a real virus, but rather a sickness that West Africans are getting from vaccines administered by the Red Cross. Republished by a publication called The Event Chronicle, this post claims that the U.S. desire for recently discovered oil and diamonds in West Africa increases its need to get more troops into certain areas. He says the operation by the United States gets troops into areas of West Africa by creating a panic on an international level about the Ebola virus and the need to regulate it. West Africans, who he says are very resistant to military AND Red Cross presence in their countries, are not actually dying from an uncontrollable outbreak of disease, but rather a deliberate and systematic attempt by the United States to invade the country to gain access to this newly discovered wealth under cover of the threat of an international health crisis. Radical, indeed, but with the existence of big pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer, which has long been under fire for testing drugs on African children (some of whom subsequently died as a direct result of those clinical trials), this theory has gained much attention very quickly.

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3. Ebola is a form of bioterrorism created by the United States government. Along the same vein as the above theory, Dr. Cyril Broderick, Professor of Plant Pathology at Delaware State University has written an article claiming that Ebola did not originate from a child’s contact with a bat from the Congo, as health officials have reported. Dr. Broderick instead alleges that the Ebola virus has been being manufactured for years, along with the HIV virus, and tested on African children “under the guise of vaccinations.” The reason Broderick cites for this actually has nothing to do with oil or diamonds, but rather a method of war tactic that countries with CIA-type security agencies are using to fight one another. The engineering of these diseases and then the effective release onto the people of other countries, in this case, is the weaponry used in a war, according to Dr. Broderick in this article. Delaware State University did not penalize Broderick for his claims, saying that he has the right to do whatever he wants in his free time. DSU did, however, make sure to state that they have nothing to do with Broderick’s letter and that he has no expertise in the subject.

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4. Ebola was manufactured in a lab, but maybe wasn’t intentionally used for the express purpose of genocide. At first. Maybe.  Meanwhile, Dr. Leonard Horowitz, a longtime advocate against vaccines and an “authority on public health” has been researching the creation of of both Ebola and HIV for many years. His book, “Emerging Viruses” denies that Ebola and HIV “naturally evolved” and instead explores the possibility that they were manufactured germs in laboratories which were transmitted to humans via “tainted” vaccinations for hepatitis and smallpox. The book talks about the CIA’s possible role in all of this and previous genocides carried out by the government using man-made viruses. Unlike other theorists, however, Horowitz does not jump to the conclusion that the virus was intentionally put into vaccines for the purpose of mass murder and also discusses the possibility that the contamination of the vaccination was not intentional.

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International health organizations like UNICEF worry about the spread of conspiracy theories because they discourage people from taking the virus seriously. It is theories like this that cause people to refuse to cooperate with the doctors who are helping to treat the disease, even though seven out of ten victims  do not survive the disease each day in West Africa. Regardless of what you do believe about the origins of the Ebola virus, please do take it seriously (but don’t panic).

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