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Another day, another investigation related to Michael Brown’s death that won’t be on Darren Wilson, the officer that shot the 18-year-old Ferguson, Missouri teen in the first place.  The St. Louis County prosecutor’s office has announced they are  “looking into” allegations of misconduct on the grand jury that will hear the case against Wilson to determined if he’ll be charged.

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The investigation comes after the office of prosecutor Robert McCulloch, said they received messages from Twitter users that another user claimed their friend was one of the jurors and had discussed evidence from the case, reports the Washington Post. According to the Tweeter, their juror friend doesn’t believe there’s enough evidence to warrant an arrest of the officer, Darren Wilson. While the Tweeter — who the Huffington Post identifies as @thesusannichols — deleted their entire account, activist Shaun King, who has been vocal on all things Ferguson, posted a screenshot in the Tweets in question:


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So add this grand jury to the list of people being investigated as this mishandled-from-the-beginning saga continues to unfold. As previously reported the Ferguson Police Department is currently being investigated by  the Department of Justice after their suspicious handling from the investigation of Brown’s shooting from the time they were called about it — including letting his body lay in the hot sun for hours — to Police Chief Thomas Jackson’s blatant lies about evidence and even the handling of protesters.  The Police Chief has since apologized…a move that some found curious so far after the shooting and with the grand jury investigation so near.  Last week Jackson said he’d be investigating what caused a memorial for Michael Brown’s memorial to burn to ground (the fire that, according to CBS, visitors claimed police started fire to draw attention from grand jury investigation).

But for all these “investigation” announcements in the very messy aftermath of Michael Brown’s death that are, surely, supposed to make the public feel like there’s actual movement in finding justice, now that it’s been 54 days after Brown was fatally shot down six times the main question still remains: where is Darren Wilson?


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