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If you ask Kanye West, the real reason people slam his relationship with Kim Kardashian is because he’s a black man and she’s a white woman.

“You have to be able to take the lashes of people not understanding. It took two years of people not understanding an interracial relationship like that,” he told The Daily Mail. “You have to take the lashes and be able to swim in backlash.”

He blames that same racist mindset for all of the shade he got over the “Bound 2″ video, where he and Kim rode through the desert and into the air on a motorcycle. “I still take a bashing for the Bound video. I always say that if Vogue had come out before the Bound video then everyone would have been like, ‘Oh it’s OK’ and that’s the endorsement,” Kanye explained. “It took something established like Vogue to make everything OK and we had to wait. Like we had the wedding and then they were like ‘that’s cool now,’ because we were told by people who endorsed it.”

It seemingly hasn’t crossed Kanye’s mind that people didn’t like the visual for “Bound 2″ because it was just a weird video. The very notion is just ridiculous.

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The idea that the majority of people get salty because of a little swirl is worth a giggle in this case. He’s dated ladies of all different colors in the past, and he almost married a black woman before getting with Amber Rose.

Not to mention, people have been seeing Kimmy cuddled up with black men for years! She became famous as the result of her interracial romance with Ray J. There was also her high profile relationship Reggie Bush. The public is so accustomed to seeing Kim (and her sisters) with black men that there was an audible record scratch when she first brought Kris Humphries on “Keeping Up With the Kardashians.” Viewers were confused.

If anything, much of the criticism for Kim and Kanye’s love can be directly traced back to the fact that it didn’t take them long to hook up after she filed divorce from Kris. She dumped Kris after just 72 days of marriage and promptly fell into Kanye’s arms, so people were giving them epic amounts of side eye.

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Even if you ignored their dating histories, Kim and Kanye’s pairing kind of makes because they both love to be the fashionable center of attention. Kanye’s scuffles with the paparazzi notwithstanding, there’s nothing he seems to love more than looking fly for the cameras and bragging about his style.

Kanye is all about the aesthetic. The “Power” rapper said there was just no one else for him but Kim because no other woman compares to her in his eyes. “I can’t be with any girl but Kim because that’s the girl I look at her pictures the most and I get turned on the most,” he shared. Of course, we’re sure he believes she has other redeeming qualities that would make her a good wife and mother. Right, Kanye?

Besides, how can we possibly hate on a union that created that adorable North West?


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