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VIA New Growth Hair Magazine

Dr. Rovenia Brock a.k.a. Dr. Ro, is an award-winning nutritionist, fitness expert, media personality, and author of Dr. Ro’s Ten Secrets to Livin’ Healthy and You Healthy & Happy. You’ve probably seen Dr. Ro on The Today Show, Dr. Oz, Anderson Live, and BET’s Heart & Soul. Dr. Ro’s message for American-American women is that you don’t have to be French or white to be thin. Dr. Ro says “her black sisters are facing a serious health crisis due, in part, to misguided cultural attitudes and biases about body image, food, and health. As a nine-year old girl, Dr. Ro watched her mother die of stomach cancer and struggled with her own weight throughout her early adulthood. Dr. Ro understands where black women are coming from when it comes to dieting and healthy eating.

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