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honest college commercial

While college (for some) is a worthwhile experience, for most after graduating, it’s a pure headache. Exorbitant student loan payments and competing with baby boomers for jobs weren’t exactly what you were thinking once you stepped on stage for graduation.

And because of all that, this Honest University commercial will infuriate you yet make you laugh. Watch below.

Here are other things that grind our gears after graduating:

When your student loan payment notification hits your inbox


When you have to ask your parents for money

nervous gif

When your employed friends ask if you want to hit happy hour after work


When you explain to your parents why you’re not a failure but have to move back home

failure gif

When your Master’s degree can’t even get you a job in retail

pissed gif

But when you finally find that great paying job…

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The Most Honest College Commercial That Will Make You Rethink What Your Life Has Become  was originally published on giantlife.com