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As reported earlier in the month, the estate of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. has demanded that daughter Bernice King return her father’s Nobel Peace Prize and personal bible. Martin Luther King III and Dexter King, who control the estate, wish to sell the items to a private buyer but Ms. King is staunchly against handing over the items although she is legally bound to do so.

Last week, a Georgia judge ruled in favor of the estate that Ms. King deliver the historic items to a safety deposit box before handing them over to her brothers. Arriving in Los Angeles, TMZ exclusively interviewed Ms. King as she arrived from a trip and asked about her feelings regarding this ongoing legal battle.

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“I stated in my press conference [earlier in the month] why. I don’t think those items should be sold, “said Ms. King. “They’re very sacred, not just to me, but a lot of people. The Holy Bible is sacred to a whole host of people, and the Nobel Prize, the way in which my father received it, he received as a trustee, and it’s a very sacred possession.”

TMZ pressed Ms. King on what she’ll do next regarding the items asking if she would rather the items either remain with the family, or go on display at the King Center institution in Atlanta. Naturally, Ms. King’s answers were vague since the matter is still being handled by her legal team but she was gracious and patient with the reporter.

Watch TMZ’s exclusive report with Bernice King regarding the MLK estate battle below.

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