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Back to The Table with Rhonda Sweet

Comfort food doesn’t have to be in large portions. There’s a way to enjoy your favorite comfort foods but with the type of portions that will keep your waist snatched. This is Chef Rhona Sweet’s tasty twist on this all-time favorite comfort food and it will definitely have folks asking for more–and the recipe too!

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Don’t forget to have fun in the kitchen and remember: cooking and home entertaining should be a joy and not a chore!


1-Bag of fully cooked meatballs

2c-Spicy Bbq Sauce


2tbls-olive oil

1tbls-garlic powder

1tbls-onion powder

Mini round rolls- approx 30-36


Depending on your pan size you may need to cook half of the recipe at a time. Take thawed meatballs and brown them in a heated pan with the olive oil. Add your honey whiskey, garlic powder, onion powder and let reduce. Place meat balls in crock pot pour and mix in BBQ sauce and let slow cook on medium low or let simmer on the stove for an hour or so , making sure to stir occasionally. You can add more BBQ sauce if needed. (They are fully cooked, so you can actually eat them after saucing, but the slow cooking in the allows them to absorb all the flavor and juices.)

Building the sandwiches: Take your slider roll and cut 1/4 of the way. Take approx. 4 meatballs and slice in half then layer in roll. I like to build a few for presentation and grab and go, but you can also set up your chaffing dishes or leave in crock pot and let your guest make their own. Easy!!!

Check out Rhonda Sweet on Facebook, follow her Twitter @SweetMosesDish, or our her website!

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