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Rapper/professional Twitter beef starter Azealia Banks had another meltdown on Twitter early this morning. This time Azealia turned her internet fury on super producer Pharrell Williams. The young rapstress is angry at Williams for distancing himself from her and her music.


Banks begins the rant talking about why one of her songs didn’t do as well as she thought it would, which you soon learn is all because of Pharrell. After blaming her single’s failure on the recently married musician, Banks begins to make disparaging generalizations about light skinned men. She makes the claim that light skinned men act funny and other colorful commentary.

Check out her tweets below.

Maybe it’s just me, but shouldn’t Azealia Banks be mad at herself for her music not taking off? She has had a beef with almost everybody in the industry so who would want to work with her after all of that? And it’s sad because Azealia Banks had a huge buzz with “212.” Azealia Banks has become a victim of her own self.



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