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Richard Overton (pictured) must have done quite a number of right things in his very long life because at 107 years young, he still has a sober mind, walks without a cane, drives a car, and is so healthy, he doesn’t even need to take one pill! Last Thursday, the World War II Army veteran was honored at an Austin, Texas, pre-Veteran’s Day event honoring him and another veteran, Ken Wallingford, 65, who spent 10 months in a tiger’s cage as a Vietnam prisoner of war, according to the Houston Chronicle.

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Overton was lauded for his contributions as a WWII soldier who served in the South Pacific.  The more than 100 attendees gave the vet a standing ovation as he was given a box of cigars. “I’ve gotten so many letters and so many thank yous, and I enjoy every bit of it, but I’m still going to enjoy some more,” said the centenarian who is meeting with President Barack Obama on Monday for breakfast then a wreath laying.

After the Bastrop County, Texas, native left the army, he first worked a stint as a furniture salesman then switched gears to become an employee for the state in the Treasurer’s Office.

Does Overton have a vault-kept secret to living to such an enviable age while maintaining picture-perfect health?

He sure does!  

Overton once confided to a reporter that interviewed him last March that he does indulge in a couple of vices: he loves enhancing his morning coffee with a few trickles of whiskey! Overton also enjoys puffing on a cigar each day. But the absolute credo that he lives by — which he feels has gotten him this far in life — is to “stay out of trouble.”  Overton enjoys a drama-free life and with no drama comes, no stress!

Overton, News One salutes you!  Thank you!


Richard Overton Is Nation’s Oldest Living Veteran At 107  was originally published on newsone.com