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Shopping while black, let’s talk about that.

Every time it hits the news, every time it happens; even when it’s someone famous, there are people who loath to believe that this even happens in America and because we’re so skeptical that it happens, we perpetuate it even encourage it.

In our personal lives, some of us believe these people are exaggerating or embellishing the circumstances or may be seeking publicity.

Trust me; this is not the publicity anyone wants, not the accuser nor the accused.

In the news business we always want to wait to report such stories until there is a response from the accused, the police department, or the store and so on.

Fair enough in principle but having been in the game from more than 20 years, we rarely if ever await responses from all parties involved before reporting a story. We’d never get anything on the air.

So, take a moment to listen please. I have some unique insight on this particular issue of shopping while black. Why? I’m black.

I work in media and have since 1991, 22 years. I know what happens in newsrooms when someone, some organization, or some company is accused of racial profiling.

I have been racially profiled myself “shopping while black”; just Google it.

DON LEMON: 5 Things for Americans to Know About Racial Profiling  was originally published on

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