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Grambling Football players are still upset about the firing of their coach and mentor, and about the conditions in which they train and play as athletes.  The team has now returned to practice after refusing to board the buses taking them to Jackson State and forcing the university to forfeit Saturday’s scheduled game.  Thanks to their former Coach Doug Williams, who met with the team and advised them to return to practice and to represent their historic university, the players did just that.  But their boycott was not about losing, or about a bus ride, it was about respect, and their decision to do this was well thought out before implemented.   Hats off to Williams, the former Super Bowl MVP, who made them understand that they had made their point and put the spotlight on their issues.  Now that’s leadership!

You have to respect Williams, who took charge of the situation despite being fired because he was losing, but with all that is coming to light, who knows what other stuff Williams had to deal with.  One thing the Grambling administration did was underestimate what the Washington Football Team QB meant to these kids.  It was also Jackson State’s Homecoming, so imagine what a disappointing weekend that must have been for their alumni and fans to have no Homecoming game. Tough deal all around.  Hope Grambling gets it together.  Our HBCU’s are so vital to our communities.  It will be interesting to see what falls out of the Tigers’ tree once the media starts shaking it.

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