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By Dr. Luv

Finding love through the stars is much deeper than reading your horoscope online or in a newspaper. You must open your mind to the ancient wisdom of astrology, which says that the Sun, Moon, and the other eight planets have an influence on people and events on our planet Earth. If we take a look at the Sun and the Moon, this will explain how they affect us.

Around noon, on the first day of summer, take a walk outside and you will notice that insects are moving about, birds are chirping, plants are growing, and you are probably sweating. Now, try this same walk on the first day of winter and you will notice very few insects, fewer birds chirping, plants aren’t growing, and you are probably freezing.

Our environment changes because the Sun is having an effect on you and your surroundings. The science of astrology looks at the impact of the Sun, Moon, and all of the planets on us and our surroundings.

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