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Dear Tom,

I have a mother in law that is so sweet she would make your teeth go bad. She is a grandmother to 29 children from her 2 daughters & 7 sons – I am married to brother #2.

She was married to a preacher living in New York but after their divorce, she got custody of the kids and moved down to Orlando where she raised them all by herself.

Looking for a job, she applied at the U.S. Postal Service and the orange county school system. the school called first so she took that job and retired after 23 years.

My mom is very active in her church.  in her spare time, she enjoys walking 5 to 8 miles a day and then kicking back to watch her shows: C.S.I, Judge Judy Law & Order, and Sportscenter – she loves the dolphins!

She has been living in her home for 35 years needs some minor home improvement repairs. She’ll have the boys do the work, but she won’t take their money.

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