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It’s that time of year when we begin making promises for the new year. Inevitably, we always promise to go to the gym. In today’s article, Dr. Dip talks about Zumba.

By Dr. Dip

Two years ago, Diana Gonzalez introduced me to Ibzumba (I-be-Zumba) and asked me to dance Salsa with her. Diana told me that Ibzumba was her Zumba instructor and this was her first time dancing Salsa. After the dance, Ibzumba invited me to her Zumba class. I walked in thinking that this Zumba thing is going to be a piece of cake. How tough can this really be? I lift weights three times per week, I can run three miles with ease, and I dance Salsa for hours without losing my breath. After the first fifteen minutes of Zumba, I quickly understood that my initial thoughts about Zumba were totally wrong. Ibzumba and the rest of her Zumberas seemed liked they were possessed. I couldn’t understand how these women didn’t get tired. I thought I was in good shape, but obviously I wasn’t in Zumba shape.

Ibzumba believes that Zumba can be a vehicle to change people’s lives. Zumba helped Ibzumba to transform her mind and body. Ibzumba’s goal is to assist her students with their personal transformation.

Phillips: What made you decide to become a Zumba Instructor?

Ibzumba: I was a devout Zumba student for 3 years and a few people suggested that I think about becoming an instructor. I loved Zumba but I wasn’t sure if I was ready to become an instructor. But Eddie, my brother put the pressure on me. Last year, on my birthday, I opened my birthday card and inside was a Zumba Training Registration. Eddie gave me a big hug and told me to “start changing lives”.

Phillips: How has becoming a Zumba Instructor changed your life?

Ibzumba: When I weighed 165 pounds, I wasn’t comfortable in my own skin. Dancing Zumba taught me to accept myself. Alberto Aghion, Zumba’s Chief Operating Officer says “When people let themselves go, that’s when the magic happens.” As I student, I learned to let myself go, let all of my self-doubts go, and to let my negative thoughts go. Letting go is an important message that I communicate to my students.

Read the full story here on Paradigm’s website.

Dr. Dip

Charlotte’s Salsa Ambassador

Dr. Dip is the salsa name for our finance columnist Rashad Phillips. He typically writes about ways to save money and build wealth, but he’s such a passionate salsa dancer that he wrote the guest column for us. Read his finance columns below:

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