By Dr. Dip At a recent Wednesday Salsa Social, when we were taking a break from dancing, the conversation turned to dating troubles. Two of the guys complained about how they thought they met “Ms. Right” but she turned out to be “Ms. Really Wrong.” I was shocked that these two salseros (Male Salsa Dancers) […]

By Dr. Dip After my first few years of dancing Salsa, some of my friends said Latin culture had stolen me away from the black community. In the barbershop, they have placed bets on whether or not I marry a Latina. They said I used to hang out with guys named Jamel and Omar, but […]

Editor’s note: It’s that time of year when we begin making promises for the new year. Inevitably, we always promise to go to the gym. In today’s article, Dr. Dip talks about Zumba. By Dr. Dip Two years ago, Diana Gonzalez introduced me to Ibzumba (I-be-Zumba) and asked me to dance Salsa with her. Diana […]

By Dr. Dip Most men love watching live sporting events, whether it’s basketball, baseball, football, or boxing. I am one of those guys who love boxing. I grew up watching Sugar Ray Leonard, Mike Tyson, Evander Holyfield, Riddick Bowe, Tito Trinidad, and Oscar De La Hoya. Watching Super Fights were like religious holidays in my […]