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The woman at the center of the former CIA Director David Petraeus scandal remains elusive as local and national media stakeout her Dilworth home. On Friday, Petraeus resigned after admitting he had an affair. Over the weekend, news outlets began reporting that the alleged mistress was his biographer, Paula Broadwell.

Footage of Broadwell hosting a cookout during the DNC for Jon Stewart at her Dilworth home and of Broadwell on Stewart’s “The Daily Show” has been aired on local and national media. However, Broadwell hasn’t surfaced since the news broke. The story has become increasingly bizarre with reports that Broadwell has been speaking on Petreaus behalf and sending correspondence on his behalf prior to the affair allegations becoming public knowledge.

The story was already weird because it was supposedly harassing emails from Broadwell to another woman close to Petreaus that sparked an FBI investigation. During the investigation of those emails, the FBI discovered emails linking Petraeus and Broadwell.

Broadwell is the second prominent mistress to take up residence in Charlotte’s Dilworth community. John Edwards mistress Rielle Hunter, notorious for her affair with John Edwards also lives there. The Daily Beast labeled Dilworth Mistressville USA.

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