Note to Mr. CAM NEWTON aka “SUPER-MAN” NO more celebrating until yall WIN a Game! this is what I posted to FB and Twitter yesterday after Carolina took a devasting loss in the closing seconds of the Panther and Falcon game (30-28), after Cam fumbled the ball, ATL kicked a game winning field goal!

To everyone who said CAM NEWTON should still celebrate in loosing!, In Life, there is Wins an Loses (in my Ricky Bobby voice) “you either first or last!!! even superman caught his villian before he celebrated! The goal is to win the game, it’s like a child celebrating a 100 on a test, and he still FAILS the class with a “F”, the Panthers are 1-3, it’s time to put in work not celebrate! Veteran players say “Have some class when you enter the endzone, act like you have been there before!”…CAM!

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