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Conservative radio host David Webb recently slammed Olympic star Gabby Douglas, suggesting that the gold medal winner and her teammates aren’t displaying the appropriate level of patriotism at the Olympics. Webb criticized the gymnast on Fox News for not wearing an American-flagged themed leotard or draping herself in the flag while on the podium accepting her medals in London.

The Fox News host complained that Americans at the Olympics are not chanting U-S-A, uniforms are not carrying the American flag look as they have in past year,s and that American-flag-themed attire had been replaced with yellow shirts, gray track suits, and pink leotard.

“Gabby had that great moment everyone was so excited and she’s in hot pink,” she said. Webb joined the conversation complaining about the “soft” displays of patriotism at this years’ Olympics.

What we’re seeing is this kind of soft anti-American feeling, that Americans can’t show our exceptionalism. And frankly, if they are offended about us showing our exceptionalism, then they have that right and I don’t care. And neither do most Americans. That’s a fact.”

He pointed out that the Chinese athletes were wearing red and asked why Americans haven’t consistently worn red white and blue. According to Webb, when American athletes aren’t draped in the flag it takes away the feeling of a unified American team

“We’ve also lost over time that jingoistic feeling. You know, the National Anthem, we sing it at baseball games. I think the National Anthem should be followed with, “Play ball.” It’s kind of an American thing. We’ve lost a little of that, you know, saying The Pledge of Allegiance. And I think that plays over into some of this soft acceptance. You know what? Red, white and blue — wear it. Wave it. Be proud to be an American. It’s not a political issue. But they make it a social issue.”