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Celiac Disease

Gluten free food products are all the rage these days, because celiac disease has apparently spread to approximately 99% of women and women-like men. Celiac disease is a problem with being able to digest gluten, which causes the immune system to act up when gluten is ingested that keeps other vital nutrients from being absorbed into the body. This means that people who have celiac disease can’t eat gluten, otherwise they won’t be getting the nutrition that they need and will waste away until they have the body structure of Kate Moss.

While medical coding has not explained how people get celiac disease, most doctors are pretty sure that most people aren’t suffering from it. Our obesity rate in America certainly argues against everybody being unable to absorb their food. Still, a craze has swept the nation with many people suddenly realizing that they don’t like gluten in their bodies. Just because you don’t like gluten or really enjoy dieting fads, that doesn’t mean that you have a medical condition. You’re an adult, you can eat whatever you want without making up excuses for it.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

There is a big difference between liking things organized and having obsessive compulsive disorder. You can be so organized that normal people think you are weird and boring and somebody we don’t want to invite to any of our make-out parties, but that doesn’t mean you have a medical issue. It just means you are uptight.

People suffering from OCD actually have their lives affected in negative ways that go way beyond not kissing strangers in a hotel room this Wednesday. They have to have their possessions lined up in exact ways, flip light switches three times before leaving a room, or a variety of other things. These people literally cannot function if they don’t follow their routines exactly, rather than just having a hissy fit if their favorite pen is missing.


Symptoms of diabetes include blurry vision, dehydration, weight loss, and fatigue. This sounds an awful lot like the side effects of exercising, the bane of the obese. It makes it highly suspicious when overweight people diagnose themselves with diabetes. If they have diabetes than it may be extremely difficult for them to workout and lose weight because of the aforementioned symptoms.

People who actually do suffer from diabetes take insulin to avoid those side effects, and can actually live a fairly normal lifestyle. Jay Cutler, an NFL quarterback whose toughness has frequently been under question, has diabetes and manages to stay in good enough shape to be a professional quarterback. Maybe the next person you meet who has diagnosed themselves with diabetes should be put on a prescription of actually doing some sort of physical activity.

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