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Michael Jackson didn’t get the nameKing of Pop for no reason.  From singing lead in the Jackson 5 to becoming one of the world’s cultural icons, MJ sacrificed his life to give us some of the best music the world has ever known.

Here are our top picks for Mike’s most popular songs:

10. Man in the Mirror: One could argue that while Michael loved music and was a musical genius, the also cared equally – maybe more – about people. Man in the Mirror was one of those songs that showcased his desire to change the world. He encouraged everyone to take a look at themselves and make change starting with self.

9. Never Can Say Goodbye: Not quite sure what a 12-year-old Michael knew about love, but he surely sang about it with just clarity.  Released in 1971, Never Can Say Goodbye,is a classic.

8. We Are The World: Again, Jackson shows us his love for humanity when he leads the effort for We Are The World. He showcases his ability to write a song that can combine some very different and distinct voices. He and Lionel Ritchie did a great job … and inspired a group to do the same 25 years later in support of Haiti.

7. Wanna Be Startin Something: The refrain on this song refrain “Mama-se, mama-sa, mama-coo-sa,” which we are told was borrowed from a Cameroonian saxophonist, has to be one of the most recognizable around the world.

6. Human Nature: The fifth track from the Thriller album, Human Nature was not a big commercial success … although it is a popular sample song.  The song has been sampled by everyone from Stevie Wonder to Chris Brown.

5. Billie Jean: Another slick cut from MJ’s Thriller project. This song was based on a true story.  A young lady was preggers with twins and named Michael Jackson as the father. He wasn’t having it! He made a song to tell her about it too (LMBO)!

4. Bad: Mike took a brief hiatus on solo projects after Thriller, but when he came back … he brought the fiyah with the title track. The video was a beast as well. I mean, who could argue after seeing him put it down like he did in that video that he WASN’T a bad … shut yo’ mouf?!

3. P.Y.T.: An acronym for Pretty Young Thang … this has become a classic, especially for the ladies. The upbeat song is the perfect song for a “Ladies Night Out” mix.  Here’s to all the pretty young thangs out there!

2. Rock With You: This was a sexy Michael … pre-skin lighting and nose job.  It is one our favorite songs. It has a great tempo … good for helping you get through a Saturday morning cleaning session or a long drive.  A classic Michael cut (as the old folk say).

1. Thriller: Okay … this selection might be a little obvious, but is there any MJ song better than Thriller? Survey says …

Honorable Mentions:

Beat It

Smooth Criminal