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First season aired July 2009; Second season aired July, 2010; Third season aired August 2011

Network: Vh1

The T.O. Show lured its viewers in by showing the world that professional athletes and celebrities are a lot like everyone else. Terrell Owens opened himself up emotionally during the last three seasons of his reality TV show, and let his fans know there is more to him than just a chiseled body and exceptional football skills. His best friends and publicists, Monique Jackson and Kita Williams, are with him every step of the way trying to help Owens find himself.

People tune in to The T.O. Show because they can relate to the characters. Owens is a father who has never met one of his sons. He is also trying to make a relationship with his estranged father. Despite his success on the field, Owens love life is lacking. He was engaged to Felicia Terrell, but he cheated on her, ending their relationship. Since then, he dated and proposed to Kari Klinkenborg, but she turned down his proposal. During season 3, Owens suffered a torn ACL and had to undergo surgery. He wasn’t sure if he would ever play football again. Owens tries to pursue a career in acting during the offseason from the NFL, and completed his first feature film, “Dysfunctional Friends,” during season 3.

Meanwhile, Mo (Jackson) and Kita are also dealing with their own personal issues. Mo meets her sister for the first time during season 1. She also gets married during season 1 and has her third child during season 2. Trying to balance her personal life and her friendship and business relationship with Owens is a struggle. Kita has trouble with relationships. During season 2 she is dating a great guy who turns out to be married. She ends up sleeping with Owens during season 3, adding to the drama.

The T.O. Show is about self-discovery, not just for Owens, but for all the characters on the show. There is drama, fighting, financial trouble, family feuds, and relationship issues, but despite all the negative, Owens always comes out on top with a positive outlook on life—and Mo and Kita are always there to support him.

Terrell Owens: Free agent wide receiver for the NFL

Monique Jackson: Terrell’s best friend, publicist, business partner

Kita Williams: Terrell’s best friend, publicist, business partner

Kari Klinkenborg: Terrell’s girlfriend

Felisha Terrell: Terrell’s ex-fiancée, the one that got away

Pablo Cosby: Terrell’s former body guard

Top 3 moments of the T.O. Show

Owens proposes to Kari and is turned down.

Mo and Kita get in a huge fight while in Vegas for Mo’s bachelorette party. Kita thinks Mo was tacky for getting a male stripper and Mo accuses Kita of being jealous of her.

Owens has surgery to try and repair his ACL. Turns outs T.O. isn’t such a tough guy!

Impact: The T.O. Show has shown its viewers that nobody is perfect, not even pro football players. Drama affects everyone. Whether it’s your family, friends, finances, or love life, you can never escape the drama and it’s better to just embrace it and try to see the positive side, than to dwell on the negative.

Aftermath: Since The T.O. Show, Terrell Owens is now a wide receiver for the Allen Wranglers of the Indoor Football League. His move to Los Angeles during The T.O. Show jump started his acting career.  He plays Jackson, alongside Stacey Dash, who plays Lisa, in the 2012 comedy, “Dysfunctional Friends.”

Trivia: Terrell Owens financial problems are getting worse. Two of his homes in Dallas are under foreclosure. He is also behind $20,000 in back child support to one of his four children. According to a January GQ article, Owens owes nearly $45K in child support every month.

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