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I am the biggest Monica fan there is – promise. Since I am not the groupie type I don’t really show out like some would if they met her (and I have had the privilege to meet her twice in my life), but I swear I want to fall out each time I do meet her.  So, I was really, really, really excited when her CD dropped yesterday. I waited until midnight so that I could download my pre-ordered deluxe CD from iTunes as soon as it was available … and I played it on repeat all night (that’s after having listened to the audio stream we hosted on our site for hours prior to the release of the pre-ordered copy).

And … I watched her perform “It All Belongs To Me” on GMA with Brandy this morning too – don’t judge me.

If you missed the performance, you can check it out below.

I think I will watch it again too (don’t judge me)!