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Rihanna’s got Twitter buzzing with the trending topic “Thug Life” because she decided to make a permanent statement with a tattoo on her knuckles in honor of Mr. Thug Life, himself, late West coast rapper, Tupac Shakur.

Rihanna’s always known as being a bit of a rock star, living recklessly, so her gangster tattoo isn’t really that much of a shocker, but it’s still perplexing. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why Rihanna just might be living that “Thug Life.”

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1. Through The Smoke

“Kush rolled, glass full…” Rihanna certainly does prefer the better things. The Bajan beauty was spotted in Hawaii getting her puff puff pass on. Hey, to each her own, but why in public Rihanna? Oh, because she’s a thug.

2. What’s Yours Is Mine

Rihanna will never take her claws out of R&B crooner, Chris Brown. Rumor has it that while partying it up recently at the same nightclub, Rihanna and Karrueche got into a little argument and had to be separated by Rihanna’s security. One thing about thugs–once theirs, always theirs.

3. Talk That Talk, Walk That Walk

Rihanna’s Twitter is often the topic of conversation and one thing I’ll always love about her is that she can tell it like it is. That’s pure thuggery. Now do you see why she put “Thug Life” on her knuckles?

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