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The second season of VH1’s Love and Hip Hop kicked off a few weeks ago and the running theme so far is CATFIGHT! It seems every one of the ladies on the show is fighting.

Let’s see, there are at least five beefs going on between the ladies. There is the Emily and Kimbella. The Olivia and Somaya beef. Then we have Chrissy who is beefing with just about everyone – Yandy, Kimbella and Momma Jones.

Ladies, are you serious? It’s time out for all this fighting between black women! I can  see how tempers could flare and feelings could be hurt in several of the quarrels – with the exception of Olivia and Somaya … Liv is just a hater.  But really, these ladies are too old to be resorting to throwing punches.  That’s classless and so very unladylike.  Only kids throw punches and call names when they are angry.  And if we are keeping it a hunned, anger is a secondary emotion that is used to cover up pain and hurt.  We are taught to never let anyone know they hurt you so we turn to anger, but in reality, the best way to deal with hurt is to acknowledge it and let the person know that you are hurt.

Putting the psychology away for a minute, I believe that black women should learn to respect one another and stop being so catty.  The drama makes for great reality television , but that is about the only good that comes from it.

Sidenote: To my point about good reality television … Em got it in with that toast to Kimbella. I couldn’t do anything but put a check mark in Em’s box for her comment about Kimbella being most qualified for the cover of Black Men’s Magazine … you know because she has had the most black men IN her. *jaw drops*

But seriously, I just can’t take the hate between black women. I get it Em … I do, but baby … that man did it to you, not her. Please ladies, let’s stop the madness. When you intentionally disrespect another woman you do everyone wrong. Today, let’s learn to deal with our real emotions (stop using anger to cover up hurt) and learn to forgive. You don’t have to be besties with these other women, but stop disrespecting each other. Have more integrity than that.

Oh yeah, Chrissy, stop being a bully and Olivia get a life! You really aren’t on the same level as Somaya – she got you beat just because she is not filled with HATE!


Emily: “Kimbella, You’ve Had The Most Black Men In You, Including Mine”