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It seems that winter has bombarded its way into the Northeast with early snow storms and unfortunate inclement weather. However, just as you’ve accepted it – “Ok, the winter season is here dag blammit!” – we are being blessed with 60 degrees temperatures that have sent your body (and hair) into a state of shock.

I liken the hair to an “all-weather coat” for your head. It is durable, dependable, weathered and truly one of your favorite accessories. “Durable” because the hairs elasticity – the ability to stretch and return back to its original or slightly modified state – is one of the primary factors that allows you to do everything you do to your hair: thermal style, chemically-straighten, twists, locs, dye, etc. “Dependable” because no matter what, your hair is always on your head to cover you. That is unless you’ve cut it off, burned it within an inch of its life, or chemically over-processed it to mush. The Bible even refers to a woman’s hair as “her glory.” Its job is to adorn you and always be around to bring you great comfort knowing “she” is there.

But just like that favorite coat or jacket, “she” can become weathered if not properly cared for.

DON’T: Wool Hats

Your hair and scalp must be considered before smothering her under a wool hat for months on end because this will surely dry her out. She will become brittle because wool is the type of fabric that is tightly woven together, therefore not allowing much breathing room. It will leave your locs in a state of moistLESS confusion. Try pinning (inconspicuously of course) a silk or satin scarf on the inside of your hat to allow your hair some comfort while she’s in the dark so to speak.

DO: Moisturize

It is necessary to use more moisturizers during the months when the seasons are longer, darker, and less favorable for moisture replenishment. Scalp creams and greasing the scalp are completely passe, meaning creams are better because of their moisture content. Oil sheens are mostly topical, or in some cases “lard in a can,” so be careful before rushing into the nearest beauty bodega to buy products that just smell good! You should always consider what your professional uses and purchase it from there before leaving. But consult with a stylist you trust before spending too much money on a product not specifically made for your hair type.

DON’T: Over-Heat

As you accessorize and style your moisturized, healthy strands during the winter consider how much dryer your hair is during these months. It’s necessary to regulate your SUPER flat iron to a temperature that won’t add even more duress. After moistening your tresses, proceed with flat-ironing medium sections at a temp where you are NOT smelling hair burning throughout your whole apartment!! Titanium and tourmaline irons are good because they are coated to “slide” through the hair instead of pulling every three strands as you beautify.

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R. Obrien Lynch is a successful Master cosmetologist, celebrity stylist, makeup artist, and an educator with industry leader Avlon Industries Inc. With a celebrity clientele consisting of Sheryl Lee Ralph, Kelly Price, and Toccara Jones, to name a few, this entrepreneur/stylist/educator, continues to pursue his passion to make women feel confident by giving them healthy hair, flawless makeup applications, and a listening ear.