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On this week’s episode of “Lala’s Full Court Life” we finally get to see the behind the scenes look of when Lala got her hands cemented at Planet Hollywood. You would think that this day would be filled with nothing but friends, family and good food, however it’s overshadowed by a hint of drama when Lala realized that her bestie, Po, is not in attendance of her big day. “She’s busy. I get it”, Lala says when talking about Po’s absence. Po is unable to attend Lala’s big day because she’s busy recording her debut track, “Super Kinda Psycho Sexy Love”  which hurts Lala especially since she’s been at everything Lala has done for the past couple months (but who knew Po was secretly a recording artist? I didn’t…).

Lala and Po decide to meet up to discuss their feelings like real friends would, and Lala explains to Po that she felt hurt by Po’s absence and that she has been very supportive of Po and her career. This statement ironically changes later on in the episode when Lala is at a photoshoot for “Pynk Magazine” that just so happens to run a little over causing her to almost miss Po’s first big performance (because again, who knew Po was secretly a recording artist!?).

But by the grace of good reality television editing, Lala makes it to Po’s performance on time and is there to support her friend, proving her loyalty to her girls!

In the midst of all this drama, Lala is STILL looking for a place to call her home in New York City. But as a perfect ending to a perfect television season, Lala finds a beautiful midtown apartment with a roof deck and a kitchen to die for. After sending pics to Melo and getting his approval, the Anthonys finally move into their new place and make it a home. They have all their friends and family over to celebrate their new place and we’re finally introduced to Dice’s boo a.k.a “The Situation” a.k.a “Michelle” which is like a breath of fresh air considering the drama that went down on last week’s episode. Everything seems to be coming together for everyone! Such a happy ending! *tear*

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