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Lala is still looking for a place to call her own on the East Coast and after having absolutely no luck looking in New York City, she decides to take her talents (and pocket book) to New Jersey to look for something that might be more her style. After finding something wrong with each house she looked at, (one had too many stairs, one was too close to the neighbors, and one was too big), she took a little break and headed back to LA to visit some of her best friends and go to the doctor because she thinks she could possibly, maybe, in so many words, be pregnant!

While back on the East Coast, she catches up with her reality show pal Kim Kardashian and the two go to the Nets vs Knicks game and after the game, Lala has a hot date with her toilet bowl and she can’t stop vomiting because she could possibly, maybe in so many words be pregnant.

Lala explains that she doesn’t want anymore kids (if they are as cute as Kiyan, please have more!)  but thinks that she does have a case of morning sickness so she plans to go to the doctor asap.

After her doctor’s visit, she finds out that she is indeed not pregnant, and breaks the news to Carmelo over the phone (sadface).

The episode ends with Lala having a lunch date with her two besties, Serena Williams and Kelly Rowland. Serena comments on the ten pounds that Lala’s apparently gained since she’s become a New Yorker and threatens to motorboat her before they leave each other because that’s what bestfriends are for.

What a relaxing episode for Lala this week! Enjoy it while you can because things get crazy with Dice on next week’s episode according to the previews!

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