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Really, FEMA? You want American people undergoing one of the worst recessions of our time to simply pop over $22 million dollars in the mail within the next 30 days? In the words of DL Hughley from the Original Kings of Comedy, “You can expect payment anytime you want!”

The Federal Emergency Management Agency began sending out letters to thousands of people who received disaster aid asking for its money back. Documents obtained by The Associated Press show that FEMA is seeking payments from more than 5,500 people who were affected by 129 separate disasters since 2005. I know what you’re thinking, but this is about way more than just Katrina victims, although older reports did insinuate that while many people in New Orleans did use the money responsibly, there were a few knuckle heads that used federal money to purchase sports tickets, luxury cars, plasma screen TVs and my all-time favorite, breast implants. The reality, however, is that the 129 disasters include floods, tornados, hurricanes and other calamities from Arkansas to American Samoa.

So, who’s at fault in this case? It actually had nothing to do with the victims. READ THE REST HERE

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