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Dear Gay Best Friend,

Get a load of this: A female friend of yours is marrying this very handsome and dapper financier at a lavish Atlanta ceremony in June.  You have really grown close to this woman in the last five years or so. She has a gay brother and loves gay people. Or so she says. Him, not so much.  Everyone and their mother seems to be getting invited to her wedding and all of her many nuptial celebrations. You’re not. What’s the score? Would you be offended that she didn’t invite you to her wedding?  When you mention this to her, she just smiles and say, “Awww, I understand,” or “It’s a small wedding.  A lot of people weren’t invited.” – Soon To Be Former Friend Of The Married Woman

“I Caught My Fiance & Sister About To Have Sex, But She Says It Was Rape”

Dear Soon To Be Former Friend Of The Married Woman,

Let’s get one thing straight, she is not your friend! It’s very shady and very déclassé for her to claim to be your friend, and I can only imagine the support you’ve shown her throughout the five years you’ve known one another, and then to not invite you to her wedding. WOW! Talk about pulling the shades down every so slowly and closing the door in your face. That is FIERCE!

But, I gather it has more to do with her very handsome and dapper financier and his disdain for gay people. And, in order to save face, and her marriage, she would rather lose you as a friend. Oh, I’m sure they had a discussion about you attending the wedding, and notice I said “a discussion,” because I am certain after she brought it up the first time he let it be known his feelings of you not attending, and after that it was no longer a topic of further discussion. And, it’s nothing personal, and I wouldn’t even take it personal, but if I were you, I would put her right in her place. Give her a piece of your mind and let it be known how you truly feel about being shaded.

And, yes, this is her moment. This is her day, and most weddings are filled with the people who love them and they want to share that day with them. Unfortunately, you are not one of the chosen ones. You are not considered a “loved” one that they wish to have in their presence to acknowledge as they exchange their wedding vows. Oh, yeah, I am going for the jugular here, because I know that weddings are when you have the house/church/backyard/beach/or wherever packed with people. There is no limit on who can attend the wedding. Now, had it been the reception, then I would have understood. There is the accounting of people, food, liquor, and space. But, she didn’t even invite you to any of her nuptial celebrations. Chile, what more of a clue do you need that she is not your friend. And, I hope she doesn’t expect for you to get her a gift. I wish I might! Bitch please!

Look, it’s time that you let bygones be bygones. You need to compartmentalize your relationship with her as she has already compartmentalized you in her life. You’re the good gay friend when she needs someone to hang out with, talk with, and socialize with. But, as far as a good friend, chile, she isn’t thinking about you. She has truly shown her ass, well, I say it’s her soon-to-be-husband who doesn’t want you around. And, I wonder why? Hmmmm! You did state they were getting married in ATLANTA! Makes you think, huh? But, I digress. You’ve already mentioned it to her and she’s brushed you off. Take that as your cue to exit stage left and wish her wedded bliss. And, when she returns from her honeymoon, and wants to call and hang out with you, give her the same lines she gave you, “Oh, girl, it’s only a small group of us hanging out. A lot of people weren’t invited.” – Straight From Your Gay Best Friend

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