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With the warmer weather of spring, you need to change your skin care. Here are nine ways to rejuvenate your face and body and revamp your regimen from skincarenews.com.

1) Review your routine and switch as needed. Is your skin care routine appropriate for springtime? As temperatures rise, everyone’s complexion tends to get oilier, so even if you have dry or combination skin, you might need a lighter moisturizer.

How to get rid of eyeshadow crease.

2) Try a treatment. After a harsh winter, your skin is begging for some relief and rejuvenation. Consider a deeply hydrating mask or a deep cleansing treatment. If you prefer a DIY treatment, try this recipe to boost and brighten your complexion from body + soul:


* 1/2 cup unripe papaya, diced

* 1 teaspoon plain yogurt

* 1 teaspoon honey