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A month ago, we launched a Black History Month program on our sites titled “Way Black When.”

Every day, we provided our readers with fresh content profiling African-American legends past and present; and original lists focusing on sports, entertainment, and politics from the last 40 years.

Below is our most popular post to date.

The Top 9 white sitcoms Black people loved

This story became the most commented of our Black History Month content. Before you go ahead and read our users responses, check out my Top 9 list and how it compares to the original list.

Original list:

1. Simpsons 2. Friends 3. Married with Children 4. Wonder Years 5. Sex and the City 6. Perfect Strangers 7. Three’s Company 8. Full House 9. Boy meets World

My list:

1. Married with Children 2. Wonder Years 3. Sex and the City 4. Perfect Strangers 5. Three’s Company 6. Full House 7. Boy Meets World 8. Charles In Charge 9. Who’s the Boss

Below are some of the responses to the post from our BlackPlanet users:


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