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Gloria Govan, star of VH1’s “Basketball Wives” and her fiance Matt Barnes spoke about their relationship status and more on KTLA news. Earlier this year, the two called off their wedding, and later, Matt was arrested for domestic violence.

Where are you now in the relationship?

Gloria: We’re on great terms. We argue, I think people forget that we bleed, we suffer, we go through ups and downs. Matt and I are great, we have two very beautiful boys and we are in no hurry to prove our love to anybody. It’s going to happen and we’re together.

All the other girls seem catty and I don’t think that’s you

Gloria: Oh thanks, you know, I …

Matt: Don’t let the pretty smile fool you; she’s definitely got that in her. I think from my point of view everyone kind of got the gist that we claim to be some perfect couple. We’re far from that….no one is, especially in my line of work and now what she does. I think everyone got the wrong impression that we’re some make believe, fairy tale couple and we just choose not to air our dirty laundry unlike to rest of the woman did. What we fight about and what our problems are, we keep in our own home. All these other women are out here telling their problems and crying a river…since Gloria didn’t do that everyone thought “Oh, she’s a stuck up girl, she’s naïve, she’s this…she’s that.” We fight behind the scenes, we argue, we have kids, we have a family just like every other couple. It was a couple mixed messages but like she said, “We don’t have to prove our love to anybody.”

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