Chris Brown and Tyga are back in the studio together, or at least they were! The dynamic duo collaborated on “Snapback Backs.” An ode to their fly swag. Rick Ross bought “Tupac back” and Swizz Beatz brought back Reeboks so why not cover the popular track! Chris Brown Covers “Marvin’s Room” [NEW MUSIC] 2011 BET […]

Chris Brown has started a string of “blonde moments” among artists. He was first (besides Sisqo) to rock the blonde cut, then came Young Money artist Tyga with a more subtle honey blonde but now Soulja Boy has even jumped on the bandwagon! Soulja Boy took it to the next level, rocking a two-toned blonde […]

Meagan Good was recently spotted kissing Young Money rapper Tyga at the Compound Night Club in Atlanta. Granted, it wasn’t on the lips (at least, not on camera), but it does look a little inappropriate considering she’s supposed to be dating football player Thomas Jones. A kiss on the cheek? Sure. But a kiss on […]

I am a HUGE fan of Chris Brown's new song, Deuces. It is unarguably one of my favorites - and I don't have favorites. As I was surfing the web, I came across an article about the song from blogger Kia O. Moore. I read the article and thought, "Is it really that serious."