Diva Face-Off: Beyonce And Nicki In The Ultimate ‘Mean Mug’ Competition  We love when powerful women team up to have fun. Beyonce playfully challenged Nicki Minaj to an ‘ice-grill’ stand-off during rehearsal for their Tidal X performance (that took place last weekend) in footage exclusively released on Tidal yesterday. The iconic duo faced off in a staring […]

One thing is for certain: after more than 30 years, hip-hop has had its fair share of beef. From MC Shan vs. KRS-One, to LL Cool J vs. Canibus, to Meek Mill vs. Drake, beef is plentiful. But as it in every battle, there is a winner and loser.

King Cairo just turned three-years old and to celebrate, Tyga threw his son a lavish birthday bash at Racer’s Edge in California. Of course, the festivities turned into a star-studded event because Tyga’s got some pretty famous friends. Celebrities like Kanye West, Chris Brown, and Kourtney Kardashian were spotted arriving for the party along with their adorable tots. […]

Tyga‘s attempt to show off for Kylie Jenner‘s birthday (and shake off reports of his financial struggles) may have just blown up in his face. Remember that expensive car Tyga presented Kylie for her 18th birthday? She might want to hold off on writing him a Thank You note for that. There are whispers that […]

Ever since Kylie Jenner turned 18 this month, Tyga has been doing everything to solidify their relationship. And now he’s just made her his vixen…

Kylie Jenner only turned 18 about a week ago, but the porn companies have already come a-knocking. If Kylie wanted to, she could be getting a…