Money Matters Tip: Repaying Student Loans

President Biden shared that student loan checks could be issued as early as the next couple of weeks.

North Carolina taxes student loan forgiveness at $525 for every $10,000.

With student loan debts reaching nearly $1.75 trillion in the United States, some colleges are finding ways to make going to school more affordable. South Piedmont Community College and Wingate University partnered to cap the tuition costs of certain degree programs at $6,500. There has been a 21% overall increase in transfers between SPCC and Wingate […]

Good news for those with student loan debt, the Biden administration plans to continue the freeze of federal student loan payments through Aug. 31. The freeze has postponed payments for millions of Americans during the pandemic. Student loan payments were on schedule to resume on May 1, but the White House now plans to extend […]


America's Wealth Coach Deborah Owens has a few tips that will help you kick your student loan debt to the curb.


Green Party presidential candidate Dr. Jill Stein explains why African-Americans should vote for her in the 2016 presidential election.


Student loan debt is at an all time high — and it’s hitting African-American students the hardest. According to a study by the Brookings Institution, there are racial debt disparities in low-to-moderate income students. Black students leave college with an average debt of $27,000, while White students incur an average of $20,000. Student load debt facts: Black […]

An Inspector General report says the Education Department misled the public about the misdeeds of student loan companies. Lawmakers are outraged over the mistreatment of military service members.


Dee triumphantly raps, “For those who doubted me, yeah this is payback. No sir, I don’t drive a Maybach. But guess what I did? I finished paying Sallie Mae back.”

In what might be an extreme use of government resources, reports are coming forth that U.S. Marshals are serving warrants and arresting people for outstanding federal student loans. A Houston man says that seven armed marshals arrived on his doorstep for a $1500 loan he took out nearly 30 years ago, but there might be […]