Attraction is something that is instinctual. It drives from within our core. What we like, what we don’t like. Sometimes we are unable to turn that animalistic force off like a light switch. Some have mastered this and would never cross boundaries and lines. While others are not that capable. Acting on that attraction is […]

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This is for the brothas who might have dated a sista that had it going on and she blew his mind. She is a winner and he knew it. He dated her for a while and then suddenly her phone calls slowed down, visits started to slow up as well. Finally, she disappeared as if […]

Is weight control more important than sex? For some women it is. According to a USA today poll of 1,001 adults, more than half of women (52%) say they would rather go without sex for the summer than gain 10 pounds. A fourth of men feel the same way.

It’s 7:00 pm and you’re just getting home from work.  All of your girlfriends are texting you about Wine Down Wednesday or Thirsty Thursday.  Newly single, you know that you should be saying “yes.”  The key to getting over someone is keeping yourself as busy as possible, choking back every tear, and not thinking about […]

MARIE CLAIRE: Here are some common birth control facts and fictions explained. I don’t actually have to take my pill at the same time every day. TRUE. No need to be overly anal, but try to stay within 12 hours from day to day. The best trick? Tie your daily pill-taking to a regular activity, […]

Vibrating rings and lube are hardly shocking stuff anymore. Heck, pleasure products are sold next to vitamins in the drugstore, and even Oprah endorsed vibes on daytime TV! So what’s left to give the wow-factor? These eight little-known facts about the goodies that live in the nightstand drawer. A doctor invented vibes…for “crazy” women. Yep, […]

As much as you may want him sexually. He may not be what you need. Feel free to add on your advice in the comment section. Check this out ladies.

Let’s face it: passion can really be painful. Whether it’s because the two of you are both being rough or something happens by accident, love making can result in some serious injuries.  Although it’s painful and humiliating, these stories are definitely entertaining for a girl’s night out over a bottle of wine.

Just when you thought sex could not get any better, research has proven that orgasms are essential to your health and can help to maintain a better quality of life. You heard me right! Orgasms can help to maintain your health.  Check out these benefits to having a healthy sexual appetite:

Can a hardworking, devoted teacher be fired for her sexual activities outside of school in her own home? Apparently, she can.

FROM SHINE.COM: Women, are you paying attention to how many women there are that are single with kids? Men are paying attention. In fact, we are paying so much attention to it that we got together and created a list for you “The Top 9 Reasons to Have Safe Sex.”