This 2020 Election is extremely important to our community.  We don’t want anyone to miss their opportunity to let their voice be heard because they don’t have a ride to the polls.  So, click the link to view the list of free and discounted rides to the polls.  Click here for the list.

Some people consider it to be disrespectful and misleading to the public when you don’t wear your wedding ring.  What side of the fence are you on?

Would you date/marry someone who IS or HAS BEEN incarcerated?

The Mayweather vs McGregor fight is TOMORROW (August 26th)!!!  We are all excited!  However, who are you willing to bet on to win?

It’s the age old questions!  Who are the biggest babies when they get sick…men or women?

It’s a Feel Good Friday poll!!  What’s your favorite Kool-Aid flavor?

Okay, this is a very controversial question because people will say one thing and do another.  So, because this poll is completely anonymous, I want you ALL to be really honest!  Who comes first….mom or dad, wife or husband, or baby mama or baby daddy?  

As parents, we’re always trying to instill values into our children.  We want them to be positive contributors to society. So, when it comes to living under the same roof with your young adult, do you think they should be forced to pay bills?

When you really like someone, you look for signs that the feeling is mutual.  You want to believe the relationship is advancing.  So when your significant other introduces you to their mother, is it a sign that your relationship is advancing to the next level?

We saw alot of mixed reviews about Lady Gaga performance during the Big Game’s halftime performance.  What do you think….was it hit or miss?

After watching the Lifetime movie, “Love By The 10th Date,” I had to scratch me head.  The movie pointed out some great points about women moving too fast into relationships.  It suggested that women should learn to “be in the moment” and enjoy the ride. However, they addressed a new aspect of dating that I […]

We’ve all have been there before!  We say we’re going to start working out more and lose a few pounds, but it never happens.  We all have something that’s holding us back.  So what’s your excuse?