Johnny Gil talks with Olympia D about the highs and lows, and how he overcomes adversity. He also serenaded her in the studio. Don’t miss this.

Image by Single Parent Lesson: Me Time! This lesson is fairly simple and pretty familiar to almost everyone. It’s called, “me time”. You’ve heard it before… “you better take some time for yourself!” For the most part, it’s easier said than done. However, when you come to the realization that in order to give […]

Image by MurphyPhotos.Net Single Parent Lessons: Don’t Be Afraid To Find An Understudy! A very smart man once told me, raising a family is like putting on a Broadway Play. Everyone must play their role! Every actor, stage hand, curtain operator, and even the audience must play a role. So when someone steps out of […]

Thanks to all of my “southern women” that came out to join me at the Southern Women’s Show at the Charlotte Convention Center on Friday! I saw various shades of beautiful women. Our goal was to make you move your feet and dance to the beat! I think the mission was accomplished! A special thank […]

Okay ladies…many of us are single these days.  For some, being single is a choice.  However, there are those of us that are freshly out of bad marriages and relationships.  Then, there’s a few who are on their MANcation! Meaning, they’re taking a small break from the ups and downs that come with men and relationships…almost like hitting the reset button!  However, […]