It’s another Monday Matters Monday!  I know some of you just received your W-2 and you’re headed over to the tax office. That’s great, however, this year when you get your refund check, don’t go to the mall and blow it. Instead, put it in a savings account…at a bank that’s across town…that you don’t […]

It’s January 2022! That means it’s tax time! Now, you may not have your W-2’s in your hand yet, but you can go ahead and get your paperwork in order, especially if you itemize like I do.  Gathering and organizing those receipts can be a bit of a headache, but those deductions can help add […]

Olympia D chats with Syleena Johnson about her 20-year career, what she knew about R. Kelly’s indiscretions, new music, and losing weight to compete as a body builder.

Does abstaining from sex really STRENGTHEN a new relationship, or cause a man to move onto the next woman? #DailyDilemma #OlympiaDShow #OldSchool1053  

I’m just going to get straight to the point today!!  Is phone sex cheating?

A lot more black women are going natural, including myself.  My hair has been natural on the top for almost 2 years. However, I want to be completely honest….I still get a texturizer on the sides and back to make my hair lay properly with a short cut.  Anyway, I had a very interesting conversation […]

No one is an expert on raising kids.  However, there is a definite divide between old school and new school parents.  So when it comes to letting kids voice their opinions are you in agreement, or is that too much like being their friend?

Bad times can fall upon anyone.  However, there are some people who are just bad at managing their money.  So, is a person’s “bad credit” status a deal breaker in a relationship?  Take the poll and let me know what you think!

Join me everyday Monday through Friday from 10am – 3pm!  We have the ENJ at 11:08, 90’s at Noon with DJ Polo and your 2000’s at 2pm.  And you never know who will stop in!  So tune in and check us out!

Join Olympia D and DJ Stacey Blackman from Old School 105.3 for “Get Right Friday Nights” at Club Mirage!  Doors open at 8pm with a buffet and the live broadcast kicks off at 9pm.  Also, don’t forget to check out the “get right” drink special!  If you’re celebrating your birthday, come through and bring your […]

Make plans to join Olympia D and Old School 105.3 for Flirtini Thursday at the all new Club Mirage!  It all kicks off at 7pm with The Perfect Band and DJ Fuzz.  Plus, we have $3 Flirtini drinks and $5 wing baskets….you can ball out with $20!!  So, tell all your friends to meet this […]