A Daily Mail reporter is finding himself in the crosshair of Nicki Minaj and her relentless Barbs, as she just issued a statement warning the reporter to lawyer up. Nicki took to her Instagram to blast Jesse Palmer, the journalist in question, for allegedly lying on her on DailyMailTV. In addition, the rapper issued a very direct statement on her […]

If the world really wants to find out happened between Nicki Minag and Cardi B, then we need to call in Ghostbuster! No, actually, this sounds more like a job for a “Truthbuster!”  Somebody find Maury Povich If there’s one person who can get past the shade and find out what really went down between Cardi […]

The Grammy-nominated rapper offered to pay more than $20,000 on one condition — they must have straight A's or an impressive GPA.

Nicki Minaj has landed a modeling deal with Wilhemina!  She will be joining their celebrity division.  This means we will be seeing more of Nicki real soon!  Congratulations!!

https://www.facebook.com/hellobeautifulofficial/videos/10155179795213846/   A few weeks have passed and social media, fans and those in the music industry still can’t seem to get enough of the epic rap beef between Nicki Minaj and Remy Ma. In the past couple of weeks, there have been two diss tracks and an appearance on The Wendy Williams Show by […]

Hip-hop's Thug Misses placed herself right in the line of fire while commenting on Remy Ma's beef with Nicki Minaj.

Thanks to Youtube user named Darcell Bios, the Queen of Soul is hilariously shether[ing] the heck out of these girls!

Remy Ma came to The Wendy Show dressed for a funeral. The ShETHER rapper, who dropped Another One last night, opened up about her rap beef with Nicki Minaj and revealed it’s deeper than punch lines. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pArNyv2hthM Remy set Twitter on fire last night when she dropped Another One and released a scantily clad photo […]

Does she deserve to be paid cash for her contribution to pop culture?

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