Don’t let a Challenge keep you from achieving your Goals! You have to be Persistent!  You have to continue firmly on your path. You have to become Obstinate in your actions, regardless of the level of difficulty and not let anyone’s opposition deter your from your Dreams! Remember to keep praying and keep pushing! -@ChirlGirl

Success starts now!  It’s a new year and the time to take action is right now! Don’t take your time on this earth for granted. Stop dwelling on Yesterday or even being anxious about tomorrow. Give Today your best effort. All you have is right now. Let go of “I’ll get to it” and “Maybe, […]

Good morning, Family! I’m sending vibes of Love and Positiveness to everyone!  Stop worrying about “finding yourself!”  You get to CREATE who you REALLY are every single day!” Pass it forward! – @ChirlGirl #TuesdayMotivation #PositiveVibes #PassItOn  

19-year-old gospel singer Jekalyn Carr has a powerful motivational word for all the young people out there who are feeling lost, or alone, unsupported, like they’re not enough or otherwise. She says she wants to “speak life into who you really are,” going on to say that we are more than our pain, and that our […]


  This week, an American ritual will repeat itself. Something that within the past century has morphed into a rite of passage for armies of…

Kelly Rowland’s “Here I Am” album finally has a release date! Kelly’s third album will be in stores July 28 featuring the number one single “Motivation.” The anticipated album features Rico Love, Tricky Stewart, Dr. Luke, Stargate, Salaam Remi, Jim Jonsin, RedOne, Ester Dean and more! Kelly Rowland “Motivation” Remix Ft. Busta Rhymes, Trey Songz […]

Personally, I’ve always considered myself a “creative” person. Writing, art, and music are three of my passions and putting together something artistic, whether it’s with words or pictures, has always come easy for me. There are people, however, that find it hard to fathom the written word or really find a place in the arts. […]

It’s normal to get nervous when stuff starts changing in your favor. It can even be downright scary when something you never expected to happen happens. As the old saying goes, “Be careful what you wish for…because you might even get it.”

While on the subway today, I had an interesting thought as I looked at myself in the opposite window. When you look at yourself in any mirror, it makes sense that we’re the ones that know our individual selves best. We live with ourselves our entire lives and sometimes it’s hard to gain perspective on […]

VIA: When Mo’Nique’s name was called for best supporting actress at the Academy Awards I literally got chills and felt the hairs on my arms stand up. Mo’Nique has paid her dues in the entertainment industry. She has seen some ups and I’m sure she’s seen some downs. I’m sure along the road someone […]