mo and kita

You may know Monique Jackson and Kita Williams aka Mo and Kita as the witty and crazy sidekicks of NFL superstar, Terrell Owens and stars of VH1’s reality show, “The T.O Show”. I recently had the opportunity to sit down with these two ladies where they proved that it’s much more to them than what […]

As the third season of “The T.O Show” comes to a close, we see Terrell at the premiere of his new movie, “Dysfunctional Friends” at the American Black Film Festival. “I thought the movie turned out great. I was happy my performance didn’t ruin it,” T.O says after reviewing the movie. Oh, lighten up Terrell, […]

On this weeks episode of “The T.O Show” the trio heads back to Los Angeles but all for different reasons. T.O wants to get his acting on, Mo wants to spend quality time with her husband and throw her son a birthday party and Kita… well Kita didn’t really have a purpose at all actually, until her ex Joe shows […]

Last night’s episode of “The T.O Show” was so emotional! T.O heads to Atlanta to deal with his financial issues. As we mentioned earlier, he’s been trying to cope with the fact that one of his “friends” stole a pretty large sum of money from him and T.O is now selling his Atlanta mansion to […]

So if last week’s episode of “The T.O Show” wasn’t a big enough introduction of Kita’s “battery operated boyfriend” in which she respectfully named, “Ted”, on this week’s episode we were introduced to Ted’s larger, bigger and more powerful brother/homie/best friend who shall remain nameless.. John Salley made an appearance on this week’s episode and […]