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On this weeks episode of “The T.O Show” the trio heads back to Los Angeles but all for different reasons. T.O wants to get his acting on, Mo wants to spend quality time with her husband and throw her son a birthday party and Kita… well Kita didn’t really have a purpose at all actually, until her ex Joe shows up and ruined her mood.
We’ve seen the situation between Kita and Joe unfold right in front of our television screens and we all agreed that Kita should leave Joe alone after he told her he was still married while they were dating. (SMH)

After talking to her sister, Kita agrees to have dinner (let’s make this clear, it’s dinner NOT a date) with Joe to have closure about this whole situation.  At dinner, Joe tries to prove that he is serious about getting back together with Kita by showing her his divorce papers right in the middle of the restaurant (#thatawkwardmomentwhen…) and Kita responds by finishing up her wine in about 2.5 seconds tops.
Kita agrees to forgive Joe but it unsure about giving him a second chance (Amen, sista) after all, she has Ted to keep her busy in the meantime.
Meanwhile, T.O is getting his acting career started and gets a part in the film, “Dysfunctional Friends” with Stacey Dash. After Stacey pronounces T.O’s name wrong and he fails to correct her because “she’s Stacey Dash so she gets a pass”, the movie goes into filming and we see that T.O might actually have some acting skills underneath all that buffness.
After filming wraps, T.O says that this was a good start to his career,  “I wanted to be an actor, so I put my mind to it and did it.” Must be nice to be a football player/reality star/actor all in one year.
What did you think about this week’s episode?
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