Will Lakers fans be celebrating purple and gold reign next summer?

Magic Johnson’s dreams have come true!!  He is returning to the L.A Lakers!!!  However, this time he will be in the front office as the new President of Basketball Operations.  Magic is replacing Jim Buss who was fired by his sister Jeanie Buss. Also, General Manger, Mitch Kupchak, was also fired in an effort to […]


While the rest of the country prepares for the terrifying reality of Donald Trump‘s America, President Barack Obama is celebrating all that he, and his administration, have achieved over the last 8 years. On Friday night, Obama hosted a farewell party at the White House, inviting some of his now longtime celebrity pals. Amongst those in attendance were John […]

November 7, 1991 will be a day that Magic Johnson will never forget.  On that day, now 25 years ago, Magic Johnson stood in a news conference and confirmed before the world that he was HIV Positive!   Today, Magic professes that we all should celebrate the medical advances, remember loved ones that lost their lives […]

Cookie Johnson discusses her new book, “Believing In Magic,” and being married to her husband, Magic Johnson, for 25 years. Cookie reveals that they were separated for about two weeks back in 2001 without anyone knowing, and during that time they thought they were going to get divorce. She explains how they came to make […]

Cookie Johnson discusses her new book, “Believing In Magic,” and being married to her husband, Magic Johnson, for 25 years. She talks about arriving at that title for the book after writing it and realizing the journey she and her husband had been on together. Cookie also recalls that fateful moment many years ago when […]

  9/30/16- Jacque Reid goes Inside Her Story with Cookie Johnson about her new book Believing In Magic, having a healthy sex life and why she stayed after learning about her husband’s diagnosis. “It’s been 25 years. It’s also been 25 years of him being HIV positive and we made the announcement. I look at […]

Congratulations to Magic and Cookie Johnson!  The couple is celebrating 25 years of marriage! It has not been easy.  Years ago, everyone assumed their marriage was over when Magic tested positive for HIV.  However, they persevered and look at them now!  Magic and Cookie celebrated their anniversary in style at the Yacht Club de Monaco […]

President Barack Obama is leaving the White House in the only way he can: Absolute grace and style.


EJ wants people to know not all men who dress in women's clothing want to be women.