Girl, hug yourself!   K. Michele is about to take your fantasizing game up 100 %! In a recent interview, the sultry songstress revealed that not only does Idris Elba have the sauce! He also knows how to lick it off you, too! In a recent interview, K. Michele talked about how they met at the […]

On Friday, January 12, K. Michelle said goodbye to her girl, Betsy….also known as her big booty!  Yep!  K. Michelle had her butt implants removed!!  Although she already had a big booty, she admitted that her insecurities and the trend made her want an even bigger butt.  We’ll get a chance to see her new […]

The singer and co-host of "The Real" shared on social media that the two women are moving past the drama.

Just in case you didn’t get the memo: K. Michelle can SANG! Not sing, but SANG!

In honor of Delta Sigma Theta’s  Founder’s Day we are taking a look at celebrity members of the historic organization.

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Joseline threw a drink and then tried to throw hands at Mimi while Scrappy decided to propose to Bambi, and more.

K. Michelle talks about why she hasn’t been on Love & Hip Hop as much this season, her dating life, and her reaction to the Marriage Boot Camp Trailer with Toya Memphitz.

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K. Michelle dishes massive shade at Betty Idol at her album release party.

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K. Michelle is back in the A and she has some scores to settle, Stevie and Joseline are on the outs, and more.