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Tonight’s Love and Hip-Hop Season 5 finale didn’t disappoint. Joseline and Momma Dee were especially on tonight, but let’s start with Ariane. Ariane is still trying to make her music career happen. She has continued recording despite some skeptics and even decided to have a listening party even though she only has one-and-a-half songs. We’ll get back to that because you know she invited the usual suspects, but also Joseline, who doesn’t get along with anyone. This is going to be interesting.

Rasheeda had a bbq and Momma Dee’s antics brought the fun. She apologized to Shirlene for her behavior but she antagonized the heck out of Ernest. She wrote him a “will” detailing all the bills she pays and then left Ernest a dollar before walking out.


At this point, we know that Momma Dee is gonna Momma Dee. No real explanation needed.

Stevie J confronted Joseline about lying about him having more children he didn’t claim. She owned up to nothing and ended up walking out on him, but Stevie keeps holding on to the fact that she can’t cut him off just yet because they have a contract, but that contract is probably just as janky as the legitimacy of their “marriage.” Anyway, Stevie met up with Mimi later on to tell her that he’s done with Joseline and they kiki’d about how hateful she has been lately.

KK and Tiarra brought a little positivity to the episode, but we got nervous for a hot second. The were just starting to get along, but then Tiarra brought J-Nicks to King’s birthday party. KK felt some type of way because she said J-Nicks and Scrapp are friends and she generally just didn’t want to see whomever Tiarra was dating. However, no beef went down because Tiarra and J-Nicks agreed that he would leave out of respect. For once we got some maturity on this show, and the party went off without a hitch, and KK didn’t even trip that bad. Scrapp even called his son at the party, from jail of course. It was a sweet moment, but also sad because King broke down in tears, missing his father. Boooo to the prison industrial complex (look it up).


Scrappy proposed to the Bamb and she actually said yes. It was a cute moment and all, but like…we’ve seen Scrappy go down this path before with someone else (ahem), and he hasn’t proven that he can control his wandering eye, but whatevs. The Bamb has made her bed so she’ll get what she gets and it will probably make good TV during the next season of Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta.

The next scene is at Ariane’s release party. She performed her song, and it was actually pretty good. Even D. Smith gave her props. Everything was all-good until Joseline and Dawn showed up…after Ariane’s performance, though. The other ladies rightfully gave Ariane the side-eye for inviting Joseline because they knew she was only there to start trouble, but Ariane insisted on trying to make peace that’s never going to come. What’s even more frustrating is that Ariane actually encouraged Joseline to sit with Mimi, Rasheeda, D. Smith, Karlie Redd, etc. and “talk” to them because this is, of course, the best venue for mediation.


That aforementioned sarcastic point was driven home when Joseline threw a drink on Mimi not two seconds into their “conversation.’ Mimi actually kept it classy. She popped off at the mouth, but at least didn’t trying to swing. Joseline on the other hand was the one who tried to swing and eventually got escorted out. Ariane started crying out of frustration and Mimi basically chastised Ariane for being naive enough to invite Evilene in the first place.

That’s a wrap for this season of LHHATL. In the end montage, each cast member talked about what they had going on and how much their lives were starting to look up, yatta yatta. The best thing about this aka the one thing you didn’t tune out was that Momma Dee has a new single, she has accepted Bambi into her life as a daughter-in-law, and she said there’s even hope for she and Ernest because “she got that tongue game.”


KK is making the best of Scrapp being locked up. Tiarra is pregnant by…she didn’t say who, but it’s probably not J-Nicks and could very well be Scrapp. Joseline is recording with Young Dro and Stevie is doing him seemingly with Deelishis from Flavor of Love.

Next week there will be a Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta “special” that’s basically a reunion, but it’s not being billed as such because so much of the cast doesn’t get along. This was probably the best solutions producers could come up with, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be without drama. See you next week.


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